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DeepSouthCon is the south's premier regional Science Fiction Convention, held every year in a different southern city. It sponsors the Phoenix and Rebel awards to honor southern fans and writers. Traditional events at a DeepSouthCon include the annual Hearts tournament and an awards ceremony. The Hearts tournament is a very social and casual event and a great way to meet new fans. Contrails will also be responsible for adminstering the annual Phoenix and Rebel awards. The Phoenix is given to the professional (writer, editor or artist) who has done the most for southern fandom. The Rebel is awarded to the fan who has done the most for southern fandom. Rumors of a Rubble award for the individual or organization that's done the most TO southern fandom are hotly denied, especially by those who have received such award. 

DeepSouthCon also hosts the annual Southern Fandom Confederation business meeting. The meeting is open to all SFC members and other interested parties. Contrails will also host the site selection for DeepSouthCon 54 in 2016. Those interested in bidding should contact the convention to ensure their names are on the ballot. 

This is the first DeepSouthCon to be hosted in Virginia.